Luzerne County Property Assessment Database

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Data provided by the Luzerne County Assessors Office

Tips for searching:

  • For most searches, filling in the OWNERS NAME field alone will give you the best results.
  • The less information you enter, the more likely you'll find the property you're looking for. Don't type in words like "Street" or "Drive" or "Avenue".
  • Try using just the owner's last name, if you know it, and perhaps just the town in which the property is located. In most cases you'll easily find the property you're looking for in the short list of results.
  • If entering address information, simply use the name of the street, without a number. The county's designation of many properties often doesn't match the street address.
  • Never enter the words street, road, avenue or similar words or abbreviations of those words. In most cases that will lead to an unsuccessful search.

Owner's Name Partial or full Name of the OWNER
of the property.
Property street number
Property Street name (excluding words like "Street" or "Drive" or "Avenue")
PIN search Enter a PIN #. If you do not get any records, try using parts of the PIN
Select *ALL* in the MUNICIPALITY field to search all municipalities, or select the municipality the PROPERTY is in to narrow your search if you get too many results.
Property Municipality Municipality name

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